Maintaining your good health

Everyone ages, gradually experiencing more wear and tear on the body. Massage can help increase the feeling of health and vitality in a number of ways.

Massage improves natural joint lubrication and helps relieve tension in the muscles around the joints, reducing pain and allowing easier movement. And as circulation to the brain improves, a temporary increase in physical energy and mental alertness can result. Feeling this way may inspire increased activity, which will further improve strength, flexibility and coordination.

Many conditions we associate with age, including insomnia, high blood pressure and breathing problems can be aggravated by an overload of stress. Massage promotes deep relaxation and reduces muscle tension, which often results in a decrease of these symptoms.

For the very old and ill ... a special kind of touch

Gentle touch for the frail or ill can help reduce swelling from fluid retention, heal pressure sores, and promote relaxation, which, in turn, can decrease sensations of pain. Practitioners also offer a personal connection and a listening ear, which can help relieve feelings of loneliness and anxiety.

Massage for the frail and ill is not meant to specifically treat a person, condition or disease, but rather to address the whole person with soothing, nurturing touch. Practitioners use gentle and flexible techniques, designed to meet a person's varying needs.

For caregivers, massage can help relieve tension and worry, ease fatigue, and restore physical and emotional resources.

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