We are so excited to serve a community that values wellness and strives to take care of themselves by implementing massage into their lives. We are so grateful to those who have been our clients since we started back in 2013 (with one small treatment room and a shared waiting area). You have watched our little business grow over the years, and have welcomed the new therapists we employ with open arms. That is why with each time we had to move, regardless of the premium we pay to stay in East Rock, we seek to remain close to where we started while also not drastically raising our prices.

With that being said, we continue to serve you and grow, for that reason we have added facials with our very own Melissa who has blessed us with her PureRejuv Skincare facials which have been received well by many of our existing clients, and we thank you for that.

We are also happy to announce that on May 1st, 2019 we are introducing TWO new services to cater to the growing number of athletes in and around the community. The first is NormaTec Compression Therapy for arms, legs and hips, and the other is Rapid Relief Therapy using the well known top of the line Hyperice Hypervolt which aids in recovery as a session of its own or as an add on to a massage. We are very excited to roll out these services and we thank you for your continued support over the years. If this made you think of someone who might benefit from this service or you are that someone, make sure to book an appointment to try our NormaTec Compression Therapy (free of charge your first time).

Anaika Ocasio
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