We are committed to making the necessary changes in the business to follow the cdc guidelines once we are cleared to reopen. First, I want to say thank you for being a client and hanging in there as we all learn to live and do business in a different way.

We know that there will be clients that we will never see again because of fear or because their immune system won't allow them to do anything where they are exposed or want to risk it and we completely understand if that is the case. We want to make sure our clients know we are staying on top of our industry guidelines to reopen in the safest way possible to continue to provide the service you were used to. Although we will look different performing the session with a mask and gloves and definitely less talking, you can count on us designing a session to suit your needs at the time of service.

What will all this look like? Well, after you book your session we will enforce a mandatory covid release form prior to service. As of now we are instructed to have clients leave shoes outside the door, wear a mask and go straight to the restroom to wash hands prior to service. Your massage will be in a room sanitized between clients including all doors, light switches and anything the client prior to you might have touched. Sessions will be spread out to allow the room to air out and clients with other therapists will also be spread out. Your therapist will have a mask and gloves to do your massage, if you are worried about the gloves no need, you may not even notice them.

If you feel more comfortable just coming in for a foot massage versus a whole body massage that is fine with us, just make sure you request that at time of booking. In looking for ways to serve our clients we have added a new service, an Ashiatsu Massage Chair offering 30 minute sessions for $1 per minute. This is a no contact service for those that don't feel comfortable just yet with a therapist touching them. We have also installed a sneeze guard at the counter to comply with safety guidelines at check out.

As you can see we are doing everything in our power to keep the business alive during this pandemic, we know its not easy for anyone but we are also aware that our bodies need therapeutic work and we are here for the long run.

Be Safe, we hope to see you soon!

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